Spark + Dreams

In March 2022, 3D+Dreams stands with the people of Ukraine, and we donated several food supplies and essential goods to ISCTE, Business School in the University of Lisbon, one of the many entities involved in solidarity actions that came across Portugal and the World to help Ukraine, during these difficult times of war. It’s just a “drop in the ocean”, but if everybody helps a little, as much as they can, these actions all together will make a big difference, in the lives of these people! It’s been inspiring to see so many helping those in need!!!

In December 2020, 3D+Dreams contributed to “Banco Alimentar contra a Fome”, a non-profit Portuguese Organization that helps people in need for food, that fights hunger and food waste, which we strongly support.

In May 2020, during the Covid pandemic we focused on helping in any way we could, and so we 3D printed in a small scale some face shields, which we offered to Técnico University, in Lisbon. The Coronavirus pandemic has added many difficulties for everybody, particularly more difficult to certain parts of Society, all over the World. These obstacles already existed, but the pandemic has increased them, in several levels of Society. We have followed the development of the Covid pandemic with deep concern and we just hope and wish that these face shields were useful during these difficult times.

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