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Cork Filigree Frame

Cork Filigree Frame

We are adding a new 3D printed model in the “New Materials” page named the “Cork Filigree Frame” and dedicated to our first Jewel – the Rose Window. The “Cork Filigree Frame” is 3D printed in cork composite and its design follows the original lines of the Rose Window, with the same architectural elements, such as the pointed Gothic arches, or the architectural tympanum, where we have six-lobed small oculus, all typical elements of the Gothic Architecture style.

The “Cork Filigree Frame” stands as a frame to our first Jewel, the Rose Window, placing silver and cork together, and combining two very Portuguese features – Cork and Filigree – inspired by the beautiful texture in Cork and by the sinuous lines of the Filigree work, on a closer approach to Portuguese Culture. Its design followed the same patterns we have in the Gothic Architecture style.

When 3D Printing the “Cork Filigree Frame” we used the cork composite filament, with characteristics very similar to cork, such as its colour and beautiful smooth texture. 3D Printing allows an infinite set of materials and shapes, as far as the imagination can take you.

Reference: 03.01.001.F.001
Dimensions: 180 mm
Type: Frames 
Material: Cork 
Finish: Natural 

40.00 €
5 unit(s) in stock

All our Jewellery can also be produced in gold, can be produced with different sizes and may have other finishes such as the vintage finish. The price varies according to the selected material and finish. Please, contact us to request a quote.

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