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Cork Japanese House

Cork Japanese House

We Introduce you to a new 3D printed model we have been working on – the “Cork Japanese House” – similar to the Metal Japanese House, in dedication to Japanese Architecture. This 3D printed model is made of cork, and it was designed, and 3D printed by 3D+Dreams, connecting New Technologies with Architecture. Minimalism is typical of the Traditional Japanese Architecture, where the roof stands as the most prominent element, with beautiful, curved shapes. In fact, the curved roof has a symbolic meaning and function in the Japanese Culture, which is to ward off evil spirits. The walls, on the other hand, are thin and gentle to allow the light to come through, and for this reason the Japanese Houses are strongly illuminated on the inside.

On a first approach, we followed the same method as in the “Metal Japanese House”, where there was a first sketch to find the main features that would best characterize the Traditional Japanese Architecture, in the countryside. On a second stage, it was 3D modelled by using a specific parametric 3D design software, which included Fusion and AutoCAD, among others, and later it was 3D printed to produce a cork 3D model.

Reference: 03.08.019.MN.002
Type: Miniatures 
Material: Cork 
Finish: Natural 

120.00 €
5 unit(s) in stock

All our Jewellery can also be produced in gold, can be produced with different sizes and may have other finishes such as the vintage finish. The price varies according to the selected material and finish. Please, contact us to request a quote.

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