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Astrolabe Pendant

Astrolabe Pendant

About the Astrolabe, Manuel Alegre, an acknowledged Portuguese Poet and Politian, writes the following poem: Give us again the Astrolabe and the Quadrant / Sailing for the wind let us depart / There is always a “Bojador” near and distant / Our destiny is to sail forward / Turn the cape turn life / Give us again the Rose and the Compass / The Charts, the Compass, the Map and the Sphere / Somewhere inside of us there is another Space / We will get there to the other side / There where you can only wait and expect / The unexpected.

The Astrolabe” Pendant celebrates Human Ingenuity, represents the Human Skills, the inventive Spirit of Discovery that we are so in love with. It is made of silver 925, with a polished finish. It has a diameter of 38mm and an approximate weight of 18,50g, in silver certified by "Casa da Moeda", under the License Number T1795, the main official entity that guarantees the quality and authenticity of your Jewels.

Reference: 01.07.012.PD.001
Dimensions: 38 mm
Weight: 18.50 grams
Type: Pendants 
Material: Certified Silver 925 
Finish: Polished 

298.00 €
8 unit(s) in stock
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All our Jewellery can also be produced in gold, can be produced with different sizes and may have other finishes such as the vintage finish. The price varies according to the selected material and finish. Please, contact us to request a quote.

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Maritime Silk Road PublicationNavigators´ Astrolab Pendant

The Astrolabe” Pendant was inspired by the Nautical Astrolabe, an orientation instrument that supported the ships that sailed away into high seas, in the Middle Ages, helping sailors to determine their geographic position and guarantee their safety. The Nautical Exploration of the Oceans could only be successfully realized with the help of these sophisticated instruments, and during the Maritime Expansion, in the 16th and 17th centuries these nautical instruments were highly developed to help in the maritime voyages. New references had to be found and the stars became essential for the navigator’s orientation when the ships were at high seas.


3D Printing TechnologyHow we produce your Jewels

On a first stage, its design was produced with a sketch inspired by the Nautical Astrolab, in the 16th and 17th centuries. A second stage followed using 3D Modeling with a specific parametric 3D design software – Fusion and AutoCAD – that was applied together with the 3D Printing Technology on a Formlabs 3D Printer producing a castable wax resin piece. On a third stage, this resin piece was handed over to a Jewellery Workshop, to the work of a certified traditional goldsmith that transformed it into a precious silver Jewel. These three steps were carefully executed and monitored with a special attention to every detail, so that the result would be a unique Jewel with a special meaning and top quality.

Navigators´ Astrolab Pendant

The Astrolabe has existed for many centuries as an orientation instrument, since 220 b.C, with the Hellenistic Civilization when it was used to solve several astronomical issues. The Astrolabe model evolved and was applied in other different civilizations, but it was in the Medieval Era that it developed the most in the Islamic World. Amongst other occasions, in the Western Culture, it was in the 14th century, that a simplified Astrolabe was used by Prince Henry, the Navigator, during his many journeys into high seas.

As a reference instrument, the Astrolabe symbolizes Order in opposition to Chaos, symbolizes organized Space, and ultimately, symbolizes a good orientation in the Universe. The Astrolabe, the Sextant and the Rose Compass were extraordinary instruments of precision that allowed the navigators, in the 16th and 17th centuries to adventurer into New Worlds, and this innovative Technology is revealing about the impressive qualities of expertise, talent and human creativity.


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