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Please, read carefully the following “Terms and Conditions” before using our website.

By using, visiting, and/or purchasing in our website, you are agreeing to all the following “Terms and Conditions”, and these apply to all Users, Clients/Customers, and Visitors of any kind, to our website.

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, “Conditions”) establish the terms governing the use of our website –, or – and the purchase of our products. When we mention “our website” and/or “Online Store” we are referring to the domains “” and “”. The terms “we”, “us” and/or “our” refers to all owners and managers of the Company “3D+Dreams, Ltd.”, including the label “Spark+Dreams”, which belongs to our Company.

Our website is property of 3D+Dreams Company, (hereinafter, the “Company”) with the single registration and legal person number 515 354 180, with headquarters in Parque das Nações, 1990-166 Lisbon, Portugal. These Conditions are applicable to the relationship between our Company and you with regard to all transactions you make on our website (hereinafter, “Online Store”).

The terms “You” and “Client(s)” apply to all Customers and/or Visitors of any kind, to our website. The terms “Jewels”, “3D Models”, “Pieces” and/or “Products” will always refer to the products we produce and sell, in all materials and finishes.

These Conditions may be modified or updated at any time, so it is your responsibility to read them regularly before visiting our website or before purchasing our products. If you have any questions, please, contact us through the following email – – and we will be happy to respond, as soon as possible. All suggestions are welcome if they follow these “Terms & Conditions”.

We are happy to provide for the supply of any product that the Clients require, but if there are any infractions by the Clients or others, to these “Terms and Conditions” or if there are any illegal actions of any kind, these occurrences, or suspicion of occurrences, will immediately and automatically determine the complete termination of any contract for the provision of our products.

It is not allowed the use of any false e-mails or any false identification, during the Registration or Login process into our Online Store.


If you wish, you can register at our website by clicking in “LOGIN”, filling in with your information, accepting our “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy and Cookies Policy”, and clicking the button “REGISTER”. For the registration at our website, we will need the following information:

  1. Name (required field).
  2. Email (required field).
  3. Password (required field).
  4. Phone Number or other contact that can make communications easier (optional).

To be able to register at our website it is essential for you to be 18 years old or more. However, if you send us your guardian’s authorization, we accept orders with the minimum age of 16 years old or more.


To place a Purchase Order, the Client must follow the Registration Process (as mentioned before) if not yet registered; or Sign in, if already registered; select the products he/she is interested in; follow the Purchase Procedure and click the button “BUY”. This Purchase Procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Select the products you wish to purchase, their quantities, the items you wish to complement the product with, in case there is any, and for each product click “ADD TO CART”. After selecting all the products, you should click “PROCEED”;
  2. If the Client is not yet registered, the Registration Process will then take place, with the information previously mentioned for the Registration Process and delivery specific information such as:
  3. Delivery address (required field).
  4. Billing address if different than the delivery address (required field).
  5. VAT number (required field).
  6. Zip Code and Country (required fields).
  7. Phone number (required field).
  8. A message for someone special on a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding anniversary, work promotion, etc (optional).
  9. The Payment Method (required field).
  10. The type of Transport and Handling (required field).
  11. Finalize your Purchase Order, by clicking the button “BUY” and proceeding with the corresponding payment, as soon as possible. The Client will be provided with the instructions to proceed with the payment.

Afterwards, an email will be sent to the Client confirming your Purchase Order.

The Registration Process of the Client has the sole purpose of ensuring the correct and safe delivery of the products, as well as communicate with the Client about the purchase and delivery status. The provided data is treated according to our company “Privacy and Cookies Policy”.

When filling in with the data at our website, the Client automatically agrees to provide for his/her complete, updated, and accurate information. The Client is responsible for the truthful totality of its content, mainly shipping address, e-mail, and telephone, as mentioned before.

The data required for the registration at our website should be accurate and kept up to date in order for us to be able to deliver your Purchase Order. We will not be responsible in case of data inaccuracy that results in the inability of delivering your Purchase Order.

If the personal data is incorrect, the Client may rectify it in the section “My Account”. However, this rectified data will be applicable only for future purchases. If the error refers to an order in progress, the Client should immediately contact Costumer Care Service – – but this shall be the Client’s sole responsibility in case there is some problem in delivering his/her order.

The Client is also responsible for being present on the provided address, on the day and hour he/she is informed that the delivery will take place.

If the delivery address has any problem resulting in the return of the package, our company will try to contact the Client, by telephone and/or by e-mail, so that the delivery can be rescheduled, but in this situation all extra delivery expenses will be borne by the Client.  If the package is returned due to the lack of answer from the Client, all extra expenses will be borne by the Client. In these cases, we will provide the Client with the instructions to proceed with the extra payment.

Before ordering a product from our online store, the Client should confirm about its availability in stock, by consulting it on the product’s page. If the product refers “in stock” it means there are some units available, and it will take the delivery period mentioned in the Shopping Cart.

If the product’s page indicates that it’s “Sold out” or “in production”, the Company reserves the right to take a minimum of 30 days for its production, in our Jewellery Workshop, plus the chosen delivery period.

Customized products have specific production dates, previously agreed with the Client.

In both situations, we will inform the Client when the product is available for delivery and when the shipping will take place.

When placing an online order, in our online store, the Client will be asked to choose between two different transport methods – Standard delivery (by land) or Express delivery (by air) (see “Transport and Delivery” chapter) – depending on the destination.

In the act of purchase (“BUY”), a summary of the Purchased Order is presented to you. If such summary is according with the products you have selected to purchase and if you agree with the overall amount of price you must pay for your order, you will be required to Register or Login with your personal data and during this process expressly accept these “Terms and Conditions” and our “Privacy and Cookies Policy”. For you to finalize your Purchased Order, you must click the button “BUY” and by doing so, you are formalizing the sales contract you have entered with 3D+Dreams Company.


Once you complete this process, the Company will send you an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your order, within 8 hours of placing it (“Order Confirmation”).

The Client has a maximum period of 5 working days to make the payment for their Purchased Order. If after this period, the payment is not yet confirmed, our Company will contact the Client through email (preferably) and/or phone reminding him/her about this payment. If the Client does not answer, he/she will be informed about the order cancellation, by email.

After confirmation of successful payment, the Client will receive an e-mail informing that the order is on the way to his/her address (“Shipping Confirmation”), with a link to the transport company, so that the Client can follow his/her order, at any time, during its delivery. In case needed, this follow up can be done also by contacting our Company, by email (preferably) or by calling our Customer Care Service. It’s important to emphasize, that only after the order’s payment has been confirmed, we can send the Client’s order, and the delivery period mentioned in our products’ page can be counted.


All our Payment Methods are guaranteed to be 100% secure. Our Payment Methods are rigorous and private, safely connecting to Portugal, the European Union and the World. When making the payment, the Client will be provided with several payment options, each one with the guarantee that all our Client´s data will be securely treated and deleted after each purchase. The Payment Methods accepted by our Company are:

  • ATM Reference (only in Portugal).
  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard).
  • Bank Transfer.

The Client will be informed that his/her order is on the way, as soon as the order’s payment is confirmed, and this includes all the timing necessary for the payment to proceed, independently of the payment method.

The Client will then receive an email informing that the payment has been confirmed that the Purchased Order is being dispatched, and informing as well about the expected delivery date, with the Client’s invoice attached, and within the timing referenced in our online store, according to what was mentioned in the previous chapter “Purchase Orders”.


The prices of the products that appear on our website are those that apply at the time of purchase. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice, but such will not affect orders that have already been accepted. All products cost, shipping costs and other services include VAT. VAT may vary across European Union countries and the World, but our Company’s reference applies to the VAT in Portugal.  

It is important to emphasize that there might be some unpredictable extra charges coming from transportation deliveries, or any other expenses, when such charges cannot be reasonably calculated before the contract is concluded.

Another issue is about the customs taxes, and on this subject, it is important to notice that the country of destination might have additional customs taxes, so the Client should get the information about this situation.

After confirmation about the Purchase Order, the Client will receive an e-mail with a summary about the Purchase Order, including the data to proceed with its payment, and after confirmation about the payment, the Client will receive another e-mail with the product’s receipt.


Transport and Delivery values depend on the Client’s country of destination. It is important to notice that any package delivered outside the European Union may be subject to additional customs taxes, so the Client should inform himself/herself about this situation, before ordering on our website, and all related circumstances, directly or indirectly, are not the responsibility of our company.

When placing an online order, in our online store, the Client will be asked to choose between two different transport methods – Standard delivery (by land) or Express delivery (by air), depending on the destination. Transport delivery costs will vary depending on the chosen delivery method, on the weight of the package and on the destination location, and these costs will be added to the product value. In any case, the Client will be informed about these values for the Transport, Delivery and Handling, during the Purchase Order in our online store.

When shipping our products to the Islands of Azores and Madeira, the Client should inform and verify if there are any extra taxes coming from these different locations. Our website informs the Client about the delivery by the transport company about the Purchase Order but is not responsible for any extra taxes.

Due to Covid-19 and because of the restrictions by the General Health Department, the delivery period of our products may exceed the period referenced in Standard or Express Delivery, but our Company will surely do our best to keep the referred delivery timings.

If for any reason our Company could not meet the delivery dates previously referenced and mentioned on the website, the Client will be informed by email of this circumstance, as soon as our Company is aware of it, and the Client will then be given two options:

  1. The option to continue with the purchase, by establishing a new delivery date, agreed by both parts.
  2. The option to cancel the order with a full refund over the price that was paid.

When the Client receives the package of his/her Purchase Order, delivered by the transport company, the Client is responsible to carefully confirm and check if the delivered package and all purchased products are in order, and the Client is recognizing, for all legal purposes, that those articles are in good conditions, by signing the delivery documents.


Our Company does not accept product´s exchanges or returns unless under the circumstances provided by the Portuguese Law.


If for any reason the Client is not satisfied with the product purchased on the online store, the Client has 14 days from the date of receipt of the order to return it, according to applicable law.

To exercise its right of withdrawal, the Client shall do so by first communicating such intention to our Company through the e-mail – – with a copy of the product’s invoice.

In this case, our Company will refund the amount paid for the products, without undue delay and provided that it does not exceed the period of 14 days, from the day on which we have been informed of your decision to terminate the contract.

Our Company will refund Client using the same payment method used for the original transaction, unless Client informs us of any change. In any case, the Client will not pay any fees arising from the said refund. Despite the above, we may withhold the refund until we receive the product(s).

Product(s) shall be returned:

  1. In perfect conditions, without its(their) seal broken and with no signs of use, including the labels and packaging which should all be in good conditions.
  2. With the product’s corresponding invoice or a copy of the relevant invoice.

The Client shall bear the costs of returning the product(s) to our Company.

In case the Client chooses to return the product(s) using postal service, we recommend the choice of registered mail, for safety reasons.

Our Company shall not assume the risk of loss of the product(s).

The Client does not have the right to return the product purchased on our online store, for any reason and within the 14 days from the date of receipt of the order, if the product purchased is made according to the Client´s specifications, or if it is personalized in any way.

Despite the above, the Client may choose to exchange the returned product for another product of equal or higher value. In this case, the Client shall mention the new product’s description and reference, assuming the difference in value and the new delivery expenses. The Client will send the returned product, and our Company will send the second product, after the difference in value has been paid.  


The Client has the right to a legal guarantee of 2 years from the date of delivery of the product purchased in our website, as long as the “Jewel Care” instructions are followed, if the product does not meet the description given in our website, regarding its quality, suitability for its normal use as a product of its type, or if it has a defect (“lack of conformity”), pursuant applicable law.

To exercise the above mentioned right, the Client must report to our Company the above referred defect (“lack of conformity”), within 2 months from the date on which they have had knowledge of the defect through the following email – – with the following information:

  1. A description of the defect in the product;
  2. A photo of the defect in the product;
  3. A copy of product’s corresponding invoice.

On these circumstances, and in case of proven defect in the terms of the applicable law, the Client has one of the following options which he/she may choose from:

  1. Replacement of the product by the same model in case this product is still available (if not available, to wait until it is available for exchange);
  2. Replacement of the product for another model of the same value or higher value.
  3. Return of the product, a refund of the value paid and the termination of the contract.

Unless differently agreed with the Company, the Client has to return the product purchased, through registered mail, to prevent any loss of package, to the address informed by the Company through email to the Client.

If the Client chooses to return the product and terminate the contract, the Company shall fully refund the Client of the payment of the product purchased, as soon as the Company receives the returned product, by registered mail.

Any negligence in the maintenance, improper use, breakage of any kind, deterioration, or damage caused by using corrosive products or sharp objects may result in withdrawal of the warranty.


For any claim or query the Client may contact the Company using preferably the following email – – or by using the mobile number +351 964345577, and we will answer within a maximum period of 72 hours.


Company products are available exclusively on the Company´s website (, or The Client should be careful with products that may be sold through unauthorized channels. When purchasing a product on this website, a Certificate of Authenticity is issued, which certifies the legitimacy and quality of the product we produce. All Company´s products have the seal of precious metal (925 Sterling Silver/Pure Silver), are certified by the Official Portuguese Assay Office “INCM – Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda” and by a professional Silversmith, in the Art of Jewellery.


All contents on the Online Store (including, without limitation, logos, trade names, texts, images, videos, graphics, drawings, sounds, among others) are protected under copyright, trademarks, and other industrial and intellectual property rights and cannot be copied, reproduced, or broadcasted, in whole or in part, without the Company´s prior consent.

The Company authorizes the visualization, printing, and storage of the contents on the Online Store exclusively for personal use and without lucrative intent. Any other use or exploitation will be subject to prior written authorisation from our Company.

Our products cannot be used for any illegal, unlawful, or unauthorized purposes or actions, other than personal or private use, including all issues mentioned in the Copyright Laws, under the Portuguese Legislation.

By using and purchasing in our Online Store, all Clients agree to these “Terms and Conditions”, agree to respect the copyright of the information here presented, agree on the conditions on which our products are presented in our website, and in this way, agree not to copy, duplicate, reproduce, commercially advertise, or resell any of these products, or any of the information in our website and Online Store. Following these “Terms and Conditions”, we reserve the right to refuse the supply of a product, for any reason and at any time.


The Online Store may include information of or be sponsored by third parties. Under the terms permitted by Law, the Company cannot be held responsible for any error or inaccuracy contained in the advertising content of its sponsors and advertisers.


The Company´s Online Store provides the Client with access to various content of its own and to content made available by third parties ("Content"). The Company reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration, and location of the website and/or the respective Contents. The Company does not guarantee the reliability, truthfulness, accuracy, exhaustiveness, and timeliness of third-party content on its website.

The images of the products presented on the Online Store are merely illustrative. Accordingly, the Company recommends that the Client consults the detailed description of the product available on the Online Store. Although the Company tries to provide accurate and updated information on its platform, technical or real involuntary inaccuracies and writing errors may occur.

At any time and without prior notice, the Company reserves the right to change or update all information in our website, to change or update our products, including their prices, characteristics, and all related information, we reserve the right to geographically limit the sales or quantities of some products, without any previous notice to the Clients.

The Company´s Online Store provides the Client with access to third party websites and content through links that may be used to access services and content provided by such third parties. The Company does not intervene in the content of these websites and is therefore not responsible for the use that may be made of it, nor is it responsible for any damage, loss or obligation associated with the use that may arise from improper use, access or impossibility of access to it.

Our Company only provides links to the websites that are trustful and that our Company considers complying with the applicable legislation. Our Company reserves the right to remove links to any website, for any reason, and without prior notice, particularly if it becomes aware that the activities carried out on such website or its content are illegal or infringe the rights of third-parties, or if ordered to do so by court or administrative decision.


All personal data processed on the Company´s Online Store shall be treated in accordance with our “Privacy and Cookies Policy”, and their acceptance is an essential condition for the use of the Online Store.


Our Company shall not be responsible for any breach or delay in the fulfillment of any of the assumed obligations, when this is due to events that are out of our reasonable control ("Cause of Force Majeure"). Causes of Force Majeure shall include any act, event, lack of exercise, omission or accident that is beyond our reasonable control which, among others, include strikes, lockouts, fire, explosion, storms, flood, earthquake, terrorist threat or attack, war, pandemic, Inability to use trains, boats, airplanes, motorized transport or other means of transport, and Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government or public authority.

In such event, obligations shall be suspended during the period in which the Cause of Force Majeure continues, and our Company shall have an extension of the deadline to fulfill these obligations for a period of time equal to the duration of the Cause of Force Majeure. Our Company shall use all reasonable means to find a solution that allows it to fulfill its obligations despite the Cause of Force Majeure.


A lack of requirement by our Company regarding strict compliance with any of the obligations assumed by the Client, by virtue of a contract or of these “Terms and Conditions”, or the lack of exercise by our Company of the rights or actions that may correspond by virtue of this contract or the Conditions, shall not imply any waiver or limitation in relation to these rights or actions, nor shall it exempt the Client from complying with such obligations.

No waiver by our Company of a particular right or action shall constitute a waiver of other rights or actions arising from a contract or from the Conditions.


The Company reserves the right, whenever it deems necessary, to change, add or delete parts of these Conditions without prior notice. Periodically consultation of the Conditions is advised.


These Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the Portuguese Law. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or product purchase agreements using this website shall be governed by Portuguese Law and shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.

In compliance with article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, on the 8th September, the Client shall be informed that in the event of a consumer dispute, the Client may resort to a competent alternative consumer dispute resolution settlement body. The Client may choose an alternative consumer dispute resolution settlement body from their place of domicile or resort to the European online dispute resolution platform available at

The Client may resort to the following alternative consumer dispute resolution settlement bodies:

  • Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo:


  • Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve:


  • Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Distrito de Coimbra:


  • Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa:


  • Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto:


  • Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Vale do Ave / Tribunal Arbitral:


  • Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Consumo:


  • Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo da Madeira:


  • Centro de Arbitragem da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa:



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