Spark + Dreams

Our Jewellery is produced with the latest Technology in the Industry 4.0, specifically with 3D Printing. Our production process creates pieces with many complex details and shapes, only possible through 3D modelling. Our Jewels are focused in Design through Innovation, with an erudite perspective, inspired by Nature, Architecture, Arts and Culture.
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We are passionate about Sketching, Modelling and we aim to establish a “bridge” between the New Technologies and Traditional Crafts, such as the Goldsmith, through the Art of Jewellery, with the Future in our minds and in respect with the Past. Spark+Dreams combines the Industry 4.0 and Traditional Crafts, through Sketching, 3D Printing and through the Millenar Art of a Certified Goldsmith. Our Jewels are inspired by the beauty of Architecture, by the mystery in World Heritage, by the strength in Nature, and by the passion for Arts and Culture.


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