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The Oceans are movement, they are dynamic, the Oceans represent more than half of Life on Earth and this is the core for the Wave Collection. All Life on Earth depends on the Oceans. The Oceans are inspiring, truly fascinating, with most of its depths yet to be explored. The mystery that lies within these unexplored places is truly passionate and should be protected. The Sea Life depending on the Oceans is immense, with a beauty beyond words.
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The Wave Collection aims to highlight the Oceans’ incredible beauty. It also has the objective of sending a warning message about the increasing pollution at Sea, about the horrible growing quantities of plastic and garbage at Sea, and how everyone should respect the Oceans and become its protectors. The Oceans have always protected us, so now we should protect the Oceans. The Wave Collection aims for a greater awareness about protecting the Oceans, in the 21st century. In fact, this is one of the main objectives of our company 3D+Dreams. To become a “wave” of positive change in the protection of the Environment. It is overly concerning what is happening with the Environment on Planet Earth, for the last years, and something revolutionary needs to be done. There is still time, we can still make a difference. We hope and we believe we can bring some positive change. We will soon be presenting some new materials and ideas in the Innovation menu. These ideas are a simple “drop in the Ocean”, but an ambitious “drop” which aims to keep searching for solutions in protecting the Environment.

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