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The Heritage Collection was born from the passion for Architecture and its main objective is to highlight the most beautiful architectural details in the National and International Monuments. The magnificent and diverse details that are part of the Monasteries, Convents, Palaces, Museums, and many more Monuments are an inspiration for the Heritage Collection that aspires to bring back to Life all these memorable buildings and their graceful ornaments. It’s a Collection that celebrates unforgettable Architecture and History.
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The Heritage Collection was inspired as well by a recently developed Research Work about the “Maritime Silk Road and its connection with Macau Historic Relics”, following an invitation from the Cultural Institute, in Macau. This Research Work has “awaken” the spirit for Discovery and Wonder about New Cultures, the fascination about the Eastern and the Western Cultures, and about the “bridge” that connects them. Be inspired by their extraordinary Architecture, be inspired by their amazing architectural details in stone filigree transformed into silver and gold.


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